Laser Tattoo Removal in Delhi

Laser Tattoo removal is by far the safest & simplest method used to get rid of an unwanted tattoo. 

The process is fairly easy; the light which is produced by the laser is passed through the skin breaking the tattoo into tiny particles. As a process of bodily function, the immune system disposes of these fragments naturally. This treatment takes several sessions for obvious reasons to ensure success for which it may take a minimum of 6 weeks between intervals. 

How effective is Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment in Delhi? 

The suitability of laser treatment depends upon the colors used as well as the density and the size of the tattoo. The trained professional then has to choose the right laser which suits the most to the removal process for maximum effectiveness. It is essential to discuss all the elements first as sometimes the patient might want a tattoo only to fade to have a different design. Also, the patient needs to discuss medical history, including any past or present health problems or if going through any previous surgeries, as well as any medication being taken.

This helps us to provide the best laser tattoo removal treatment in Delhi because of the effectiveness of the procedure and utmost safety measures.


After the procedure, there is mild swelling and bleeding and is treated with prescribed medication. It is important to keep the area clean and washed. Petrolatum ointment or any other ointment of the same combination is advised to apply for several days for the healing process. Also, after a week of treatment, the area must be covered with a clean and sterile bandage.

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