Yuskin Treatment in Delhi

YuSkin is an Advanced Growth Factor Concentrate-based treatment for skincare and has shown impressive results in bringing back the softness and suppleness - reminiscent of your youth.

The results are noticeable right after the first session of YuSkin. However, the final results after the prescribed 5-6 sessions are phenomenal and long-lasting, as compared to other methods. 

YuSkin is very effective in
  • Facial rejuvenation

  • Pigment and wrinkle reduction

  • Treatment of melasma and PIH (post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation)

  • Firming & tightening of the skin

  • Improving overall skin health

  • Repairing skin damage caused due to excessive exposure to the sun or due to continuous exposure to micro-particles and pollutants in the air.

  • Reducing facial pore size

  • Reducing fine acne scars

  • Reducing stubborn post-acne black/brown marks

  • Reducing the signs of aging

  • Lip rejuvenation and pigment reduction

  • Under-eye dark circles

  • Providing an instant glow to the face

YuSkin involves the use of pure, highly concentrated Growth Factor preparation, which is autologous and sterile, hence, absolutely safe. It is engineered from the patient’s own blood for superior results in skin repair treatment. Platelet present in human blood contain alpha-beta granules, which further liberates skin Growth Factors such as TGF B, EGF, VEGF, PDGF.

YuSkin is very effective, even as a standalone therapy, and works wonders when used in conjunction with other complimenting treatments such as anti wrinkle injections, facials, etc.

How does GFC Skin Therapy work?

  • Stimulates dermis

  • Regulates collagen & new blood vessel development

  • Rapid, efficient, and restoration of tissue

  • Reduction in facial pore size and reduction in fine acne scars

  • GFC therapy represents a favorable alternative for the improvement of skin texture, elasticity, tightening, and skin wrinkling

What is YuSkin treatment process?

  1. Collection of patient’s blood (about 10 ml) in specialized GFC tubes

  2. Activation of platelets and release of Growth Factors using centrifuge process

  3. Segregating Growth Factors from platelets. 

  4. Collection of GFC (about 4-5 ml)

  5. Injecting GFC into the face

Advantage over other Methods

  Vampire Facial YuSkin
How old is the treatment? Old treatment Latest treatment
Final Outcome Platelets with some unwanted cells (WBC) Only high concentration of Growth Factors, derived from platelet activation
Consistency of the outcome amount Variable Consistent
Results Variable and takes longer time Optimum and are visible in lesser time and stay for longer as compared to other methods
No. of sessions required 10-12 4-5
Pain and inflammation Moderate chances as the final Very low chances as the GFC
  Outcome contains WBC, which causes pain and inflammation Is free of WBCs
Risk of infection Low to moderate chances None as it is completely sterile

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